LUSH cloning — Footer

Starting from Oct, we started our first cloning team project! My team will be working on LUSH Korea homepage.

LUSH footer

The site looks rusty but clean at the same time. Our will divide the tasks into components and merge on afterwards. I will be in charge of the footer.

There really wasn’t anything too difficult to implement, even finding the images and the icons was pretty quick.

First, I put together three components for footer.

  1. (top) footer icons
  2. (left) logo, cs info, sns icons
  3. (main) links, copyrights
HHYYY footer

The only thing I had to ponder over was the link menu. The repetitive process of creating names, links, contents could be easily implemented by applying map() method. Above, LINK_LIST id, link, and content were inherited down to FooterLinks through the parent.

Map() method creates an array by iterating over the parent array and calling function on each element. Therefore utilizing props, the menu is called by the map function and each content of the LINK-LIST were implemented and carried out in 3-step process.

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